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Studying Language (1)Japanese
Studying Language (2)English
Studying Location (1)Taiwan :: New Taipei City :: Banciao District
Studying Location (2)Taiwan :: Taipei City
Last Modified2009-03-11
DescriptionDear all

It is Hsun Hung a man of Chinese native speaker. I am 33 years old from Taipei county. I would like to know whether you find a person in exchange for language or not? I also speak Chinese, English, and Bân-lâm-gú(local language in Taiwan..... if you interest it I will teach it)I would like to introduce myself and why I want to learn Japanese below this message.

Firstly, I am really interesting in exchange for language with you although I do not understand and speak any basic Japanese.
It is because in the near future, I might go to Japan to learn Japanese for three months or more. As a result, I am planning to understand some foundation of it before I go to.

Secondly, I would be able to teach you Chinese any time but the location should be in Taipei or Taipei county. I cannot go Taipei further. However, I have plenty of free time not only weekend but week days.
I suppose it would easily arrange our meeting.

Thirdly, I had got some experience of living with Japanese and foreigners while I was studying in the U.K. I believe that we will have less conflict and better communication to each other.

Finally, If you are interesting in exchange language with me , Please contact with me

We will discuss more about how exchange is going on and what you want to learn etc.

I Wish all you had good time in Taiwan

Hsun Hung


我是訓弘,33歲 台灣人,來自台北。

我會說一點英文 台語(在地語言)

是否請您能與我聯絡 詳談細節


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