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MemberJimmy   (M002019)
Excellent Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin
Excellent Language (2)English
Studying Language (1)Spanish
Studying Language (2)Japanese
Studying Language (3)Korean
Studying MethodPhone, Cellular Phone, Video Phone
Video Conference
Online Video Chatting [Windows Live Messenger(MSN)]
Online Video Chatting [Yahoo! Messenger]
Online Video Chatting [Google Talk]
Online Video Chatting [Skype]
Online Video Chatting [Others; such as AOL/Aim, Jabber, ICQ...]
Last Modified2012-06-03
DescriptionHi, this is Jimmy from Taipei, Taiwan.
I am fond of learning any language.

And my English is well enough to communicate with.

And I am learning Spanish, Japanese.
Besides I can recognize the characters both and can pronounce them as well.

Looking forward to do some exchanging with you.

Have a great day!
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