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Memberhouyuan   (M001775)
Teaching Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin
Teaching Language (2)English
Teaching Location (1)Taiwan
Teaching Location (2)Germany
Last Modified2011-07-11
DescriptionLanguage provided: Mandarin Chinese
Language needed: German
Education of provider: Undergraduate
Career: International school teacher
Gender: Male
Contact: houyuan(steven710407) on SKYPE, [email protected]

Hallo! Hello! This is Houyuan AKA Steven. I'm a high school teacher and currently learning the beauty of speaking German. Also I'm planning to go to Visit Germany for some months in late September. So, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in learning Chinese and you are a native German speaker, come make friends with me and let's talk on Skype! Please find Houyuan or Steven710407 on skype. See you there!
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