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Memberseemego   (M001284)
Excellent Language (1)Chinese, Min
Excellent Language (2)Chinese, Mandarin
Studying Language (1)English
Studying Language (2)Spanish
Studying Language (3)Chinese, Cantonese (Yue)
Studying MethodPhone, Cellular Phone, Video Phone
Video Conference
Online Video Chatting [Windows Live Messenger(MSN)]
Online Video Chatting [Yahoo! Messenger]
Online Video Chatting [Google Talk]
Online Video Chatting [Skype]
Online Video Chatting [Others; such as AOL/Aim, Jabber, ICQ...]
Last Modified2009-06-09
DescriptionI am a good boy,who is 26yrs old,I am interesting in language,my cell phone is 0928 868 974,my msn,yahoo messenger,skype and e-mail is [email protected]
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