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Language School's NameSchools in Taiwan (1)   (P7001001)
School LocationTaiwan
Teaching Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin
Teaching Language (2)Chinese, Mandarin, Traditional Only
DescriptionLanguage Schools in Taiwan (1)

China Language Institute

One-on-one tutorial: NT$330/50 minutes
Two students/class: NT$180/50 minutes
Three students/class: NT$150/50 minutes
China Language Institute (and branches)
Lane 90, Number 4, 1st Floor
An Ho Road, Section 1
Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 708-7157

Hsi-Chuan Language Center

This school offers one-on-one Chinese language classes in all levels of proficiency. The cost is NT$6,000 for ten hours per week for eight weeks.

Hsi-Chuan Language Center
1–2 Wu Chung Street
Section 1, 4th Floor
Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 312-0632

Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies, Taipei

The Stanford Center is located at Tai Da, the National Taiwan University, and is considered the world's best Chinese language institute. It is very intensive and expensive. Interested graduate students should have at least one year of college-level Chinese.

Prospective applicants can apply through Stanford University:

Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies
300 Lasuen Street
Littlefield Center Basement
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-5013
(415) 725-2575

Kuo Yu Jih Bao Language Institute

This school offers one-on-one instruction in Mandarin and several other languages.

Kuo Yu Jih Bao
Language Institute
Chung Shan Road
Tainan, Taiwan
(06) 2200-8701

Mandarin Daily News Language Center

As the name suggests, Mandarin Daily News is a newspaper publishing company; however, it also runs an excellent language school. The school emphasizes proper pronunciation and applies the same methods used to teach Chinese youngsters to read and write. Some classes use Chinese grade-school texts.

Classes begin on the first day of each month, but registration begins a week earlier. Classes—especially smaller ones—fill up quickly. To register, bring three passport photos and money to cover costs and full tuition.

One-on-one tutorial: NT$300/hour
Two students/class: NT$180/hour
Three to five students/class: NT$150/hour
Six to nine students/class: NT$125/hour
Textbook costs are not included.

Mandarin Daily News Language Center
2 Fu Chow Street, 2nd Floor
Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 391-5134 or (02) 392-1133, ext. 1004

The Mandarin Training Center (MTC)

The popular Mandarin Training Center (MTC) at National Taiwan Normal University (Shi Da) offers classes for students of all levels. Credits transfer to many U.S. and Canadian colleges.

The academic year at Shi Da is divided into three three-month terms and two two-month summer sessions. Three-month group classes of five or more students cost NT$15,000 for ten hours per week.

Registration procedures are somewhat complex and require an application form, one letter of recommendation, an academic transcript, a photocopy of your high school diploma, a financial statement, and a health certificate. Complete applications should be sent well in advance of the semester you intend to study. There is a NT$500 registration fee in addition to textbooks, and a NT$495 charge every three months for health insurance.

Contact Shi Da directly or inquire at one of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices in the United States or Canada.

The Mandarin Training Center (MTC)
National Taiwan Normal University
Hoping East Road, Section 1
Number 162
Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 321-8457 or (02) 391-4248

National Cheng Kung University Chinese Language Center

There are two instructional tracks at this school: one focuses on culture and the other on language. The language program has three levels and all classes have five or fewer students; in fact, most of the instruction is one-on-one. Contact the school for tuition, fees, and application information:

National Cheng Kung University
Chinese Language Center
1 Ta-hsueh Road
Tainan, Taiwan
(06) 275-7575, ext. 52040
Fax: (06) 274-0715

Perfect Language Center

Perfect is a favorite among "Asia bums." It's relatively cheap and is centrally located near the Taipei train station.

One-on-one tutorial: NT$300/hour
Two students/class: NT$200/hour
Group classes meet ten hours per week. All levels of group classes are available, and the cost is NT$3,500 for one month or NT$6,000 for two months.

Perfect Language Center
Wu Chung Street, #1–2, Section 1, 4th Floor
Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 312-0632

Pioneer Language Center

Pioneer is quite good. At NT$280/hour, their one-on-one classes are a bargain.

Pioneer Language Center
200 Hoping East Road, Section 1, 6th Floor
Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 363-3535
Fax: (02) 368-3460

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