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MemberYu-Hsien   (M000788)
Excellent Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin
Studying Language (1)English
Studying Language (2)French
Studying MethodPhone, Cellular Phone, Video Phone
Online Video Chatting [Windows Live Messenger(MSN)]
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Online Video Chatting [Skype]
Last Modified2008-10-07
DescriptionHello, I'm a Taiwanese girl. I like to travel around the world, watching movies, making friends. I live in Kaohsiung, the south city of Taiwan. There is no much environment to speak English. So I would like to make some friends to have more chance to speak. We can exchange life experience, share different culture and so on... I'm also interested with French, because my sister's family lives in Paris. It would be great if I can speak some when I travel in France.
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