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MemberEnshuo   (M002399)
Studying Language (1)Spanish
Studying Language (2)Japanese
Studying Language (3)French
Studying Location (1)Taiwan :: Pingtung County :: Chaojhou Township
Studying Location (2)Taiwan :: Pingtung County :: Pingtung City
Studying Location (3)Taiwan :: Pingtung County
Last Modified2016-12-23
DescriptionHi there, this is Enshuo.
I would like to learn Japanese ans Spanish. I live in Chaozhou Town. But I dont mind to travel to Pingtung city.
Please do not hesitate to contact me ASAP if you could teach me either Japanese or Spanish. I could teach you Mandarin Chinese, Hokkien, and English (I used to work in Ireland for nearly 2 years).
Hope to hear from you soon :)
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