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Teaching Language (1)English
Teaching Location (1)Taiwan :: Yunlin County :: Beigang Township
Teaching Location (2)Any Place
Last Modified2010-09-07
DescriptionI am a retired American publisher and spend my time proofreading and editing English university papers and thesis. I have found that foreign students attending schools in the US, New Zealand and Taiwan usually have a good grasp of reading English since they have made it to graduate level, but their writing is not at a graduate level. The product is a joint effort that, hopefully, improves the student's English writing for life.

Manuscripts must be submitted in English. My fee is US$20 per 250 words in the original document. A minimum charge of US$20 applies to documents of lesser words. I can read and send the paper back to you for correction for US$5 and re-read papers for US$4 / 250 words. Texts received / delivered - email in / email out. I also offer printed copy service. Loose-leaf copy, Soft-covered (paperback) glue-bound A 5 or A4 (or US letter-size) copies available world-wide at US$0.25 per page plus US$10.00 postage each. Payment is via PayPal.
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Gordon Hill
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