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MemberProofreader   (M001503)
Excellent Language (1)English
Studying Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin
Exchange Location (1)Taiwan
Exchange Location (2)Any Place
Exchange Location (3)New Zealand
Last Modified2010-09-07
DescriptionOffer proofreading of English texts of all kinds - university, business, legal, letters, etc. Costs - initial read = US$5 / 250 words, follow-up readings = US$4 / 250 words, If I make the corrections = US$20 / 250 words. After the initial read, I give you a chance to correct the mistakes yourself, saving you money. I will re-read your text as many times as you wish for US$4 / 250 words. I am as interested in you learning the language as you getting a proofread copy. If you wish to discuss anything with me, text me on Skype - gordonhilljr2 - and I will set up a time with you, no charge.
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