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Language School's NameSino Language Gateway   (P7001017)
School LocationChina
Teaching Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin

High School/Language Program:

Sino Language Gateway's total immersion Chinese summer camp is designed for students aged 8-18 to learn Chinese in China while explore the country. The key program components include: special-designed intensive language study 25 hours a week at ALL levels; well-crafted extensive travel in and out of the host city (Beijing/Shanghai/Kunming) and to the major tourist spots in China; one-on-one conversation practice with local students; a wide range of culture related classes, such as Chinese geography & history, martial arts, calligraphy, brush painting, Chinese knotting, kite making, Peking opera face painting, Chinese chess, Chinese music & arts appreciation workshops, Chinese music instruments, and homestay. The program accommodates parents and sponsors teachers.

In addition to the language & culture camp, SLG also provides other programs including Youth Volunteer Teaching program and Olympic Special (available only in 2008).

By participating in our program, students will be in an advanced position in the areas of: Chinese language mastery, cultural understanding, personality development, lifelong friendships, academic preparation, and enhanced career opportunities for the future, which are just priceless and valuable.

ESL Teaching Position:
Experienced ESL Instructor is needed for SLG Summer Volunteer Program in China. Interested teachers please contact us.

Highlights: Highlights of the high school/language program:
- Specially designed for elementary to high school age students
- Intensive Chinese language study 22-25 hours a week at ALL levels
- 1-on-1 conversation practice with Chinese students everyday
- Well-crafted extensive travel in and out of the host city and to major tourist spots in China
- Chinese culture immersion by home-stay at Chinese families and participating local activities
- Studies in Chinese history/geography/society&culture
- Various cultural studies: Chinese music, music instrument, traditional Chinese brush painting, calligraphy, martial arts, and kite-making...
- Well-equipped student dormitory: air-conditioner, private bathroom, TV, phone, etc.
- Comprehensive health and travel insurance

ESL teaching position:
- The ultimate goal of this position is to train SLG Youth Volunteer Teaching Program participants with reasonable teaching capabilities (teaching methodologies, attitude, organizing skill, etc) in a short time-frame.
- Instructors MUST be able to join the program to China.
- Free round trip travel between San Francisco and Beijing, free accommodations and tours in China (visit Beijing and Inner Mongolia).
- Experience a unique culture, giving you a multi-cultural perspective of the world
- Gain professional work experience and strengthen your resume
- Learn Mandarin
- Build/develop your confidence and enrich life experience
- Make lifelong friends internationally
- Share your thorough knowledge of the English teaching

Cost in US$: $1,990-$2,950 (depends on program)

Cost Include Description:

Our tuition covers:
- Classroom instruction and academic counseling
- Non-refundable enrollment fee
- Textbooks, sutdy materials and certificate
- 24/7 bilingual counselors
- Room
- Food 7 days a week and 3 meals a day
- Daily water and fruit
- Program organized trips within China, including local sightseeing and the cultural-enhancing trip to other cities (including all transportation, admission fee, meals and lodging expenses, tour guide services)
- Gift package (T-shirt, pen, notebook, dictionary, maps,etc)
- Welcome and farewell banquet
- Comprehensive health and travel insurance
- Transportation to and from the airport
- Group photo and Memorial VCD
- E-Camp & CampLive Services: Allow parents and families view camp photos instantly from distance; send one-way emails; download or purchase high quality camp photos, and send gift packages...

Credit Available: yes

Mission Statement: Sino Language Gateway is a provider of unique international volunteer, Chinese language study and culture immersion programs. Our mission is to become a catalyst for positive change in our community and the world through quality international programs. In addition, we would like to promote an understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language, culture, history to the rest of the world, and to facilitate the understanding of the Chinese heritage, tradition, art, as well as to stimulate the self-respect and self-confidence of young Chinese-Americans.

Year Founded: 2003

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