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Language School's NameInstitute of Chinese Studies   (P7001015)
School LocationChina :: Beijing
Teaching Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin

ICS is located on the beautiful campus of the Communication University of China. The semester program at ICS consists of three modules:

- Mandarin Chinese Module: oral and written comprehension (15 hours a week)

- Modern China Module: modern history, politics, economics, sociology, business (4 hours a week)

- China Culture Module: ancient history, philosophy, religion, art, literature, calligraphy, martial arts, excursions (6 hours a week)

Classes are from 9:00 to 15:30 from Monday to Friday.

Highlights: Summer courses are designed to teach you the basics of Chinese language and culture. The summer program focuses on gaining a basic knowledge in oral Chinese and acquiring a general comprehension of the contemporary situation of Chinese economy and society.

Olympic Program

The semester program preceding the Olympic Games in Beijing will integrate in its curriculum extra focus on contemporary questions related to this world event. Special workshops and related field trips will be held within the academic program. Studying at ICS before the summer olympics is very convenient for people who want to be a volunteer during the games. Volunteers must have a basic knowledge of Chinese. Our students will get a special recommendation for the selection committee.

Cost in US$: 4900

Cost Include Description:
Semester Program Basic Package includes:
- Predeparture orientation about studying and living in Beijing
- Complete registration and enrolment
- Tuition fee for high quality language courses (3hrs/day - 15hrs/week), cultural classes and workshops (6hrs/week), business workshops (2hrs/week) and classes on contemporary China (2hrs/week)
- Accommodation: off campus 3-person apartment for the entire duration of the program
- Airport pickup and half-day visit to the place where you are going to study and live
- Welcome bag with practical material (Beijing city map in English and Chinese, T-shirt, That's Beijing magazine, phone card of 50 RMB, booklet with important addresses)
- Study material (books, CD's)
- Welcome dinner in Beijing, traditional Chinese food and genuine Chinese atmosphere.
- Beijing Helpdesk for emergencies
Credit Available: yes

Mission Statement: The Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) was founded for students who want to go to China to learn the language at the same time to learn more about the Chinese culture and society. Learning Mandarin is the best way to understand more about Chinese civilization. Living in Beijing will give you the chance to feel China. We strive to help as many persons to study Mandarin in China. 'Everyone ought to speak Chinese' is one of our mottos. While accomplishing this great cultural task, we attach high importance to the quality of the service we deliver.

Year Founded: 2003

Last Modified2009-01-01
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