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Language School's NameIntensive Mandarin Course   (P7001013)
School LocationChina :: Shanghai
Teaching Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin

The Intensive Chinese Language Program is specially constructed for international students who are going to study and take the Chinese Proficiency Test. The program aims at helping the international students, within a short period of time, meet the language competence requirements of the test by focusing on Chinese lexicology and grammar teaching, the program devotes itself to helping the students comprehend and grasp the Chinese language system and enabling them to use Chinese in specialized industries and daily communication. After completing one semester's course of the program, the students' Chinese proficiency is expected to reach HSK grade 4, and after completing one academic year's course, to reach HSK grade 6.

Mission Statement: Allied Gateway provides the most comprehensive 'study in China' programs, covering programs of Mandarin, Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cantonese, in Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai. Allied Gateway aims to bring you high-quality and featured program, authentic China experience and a real China. Allied Gateway is committed to developing and providing high quality study programs in China for international students. Not only we provide you with a chance of studying in China, more importantly, we do our utmost to immerse you into the local culture and society. What you need is our need. Your enjoyable and memorable experience in China, and your satisfaction with Allied Gateway's study programs is our utmost goal.

Year Founded: 2004

Last Modified2009-01-01
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