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Language School's NameLearn with Homestay   (P7001011)
School LocationChina :: Beijing
Teaching Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin

The best way to learn a language is to have constant contact with it in a completely immersive environment. Lotus's programs afford students a unique opportunity to live with a Chinese family while they study Mandarin. We designed our Learn Chinese with a Homestay programs for those looking for deeper connections to local Chinese culture, that for instance, you wouldn't find in a sterile hotel or international dormitory. In addition to the homestay our programs include cultural excursions, extracurriculars, and charity activities. These extras that not only enhance students' understanding of Mandarin, but also serve to educate them about the profound traditions and current realities of China. Lotus steps outside the classroom and the dormitory to give students a well rounded more complete picture of China and its standard language. Lotus guarantees you will return from China with not only increased language proficiency but a more intimate comprehension of China and its people. Check out our Chinese Immersion Programs today!

Highlights: When beginning to learn Chinese language, culture and business of China, it's hard to get far without having contact with the local people. Our unique "Learn Chinese with Homestay "program gives you a great opportunity to live with a Chinese family, and have close contact with their culture, while studying at reputable universities in China. By staying with your host family, you will not only get a "home-away-from-home" feeling, but will also have an opportunity to participate in a unique inter-cultural experience that you just can't get from staying in campus dormitories.That's why our unique program stands out from many other companies that provide study Abroad in China programs.

Cost in US$: $1,610-5,480/summer, $4,580-7,980/semester

Cost Include Description:

* Registration and all the paper work before and after students arrive in China.
* Tuition fee
* Homestay including private bedroom, breakfast & dinner, computer and DSL service.
* Assistance and supervision, provided by our on-site staff.
* Excursions and trips, as mentioned in program description.
* Texts and other required materials.
* Airport pickup and drop off.
* Welcome/Orientation Package which includes: Chinese-English-Chinese dictionary, map of Beijing, phone card of 100RMB and a mobile SIM card.
* Welcome dinner and other stuff prepared by the host family

Mission Statement: The mission of the Lotus Education Foundation is to foster international cultural exchange and help to restore China's threatened cultural heritage. We also support charity organizations working in a variety of fields such as social relief and environmental protection. As the top study-abroad and homestay facilitator in China, we provide quality programs at the lowest possible cost. Participants in our programs are afforded a great opportunity to discover China and Chinese culture. Lotus is a Non-profit organization based in California. Hundreds of students and travelers join our unique programs each year. Lotus believes that cultural exchange can reduce misunderstanding between nations and bring more peace to this world. Part of Lotus's mission is to help rebuild some of China's traditional culture, large portions of which have sadly been destroyed in recent times by the vast changes taking place in China. China, with its amazingly long and rich history, is in danger of losing more and more good things from the past. Many Chinese people have lost touch with traditional culture and the teachings of their ancestors. Lotus wants to help local communities to understand that glorious heritage. We regularly organize seminars and lectures about traditional Chinese culture and invite our host families to join us in this. At the same time, overseas students and travelers can learn about traditional Chinese culture from our host families.

Year Founded: 2000

Last Modified2009-01-01
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