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Language School's NameChina Study Abroad   (P7001009)
School LocationChina
Teaching Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin

Description: China Study Abroad provides full immersion courses within China. All our programs include accommodation, welcome pack (including local cell phone), airport pick up and drop off, sightseeing tours, welcome dinner, and much more. We provide, language courses, martial arts, volunteer, business courses, internships, and study and travel programs, home stays. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Highlights: We offer the Lowest Priced study abroad programs in China.
At China Study Abroad we continually check our prices against our competitors to ensure that we provide our program participants with the lowest prices available. In fact, we're so confident that you won't find a better deal anywhere else that we promise to refund you 100% of the difference if you find an identical study abroad package offering equivalent housing and program services.

We offer more Choice than any of our competitors.
8 programs to choose from. 9 cities to study in. 7 types of housing to select from. Over 25 different schools to study at. 4 ways to pay. China Study Abroad offers more choice so that you can experience China the way you want to. China is a large and diverse country and we strive to make that diversity accessible to our program participants by including the widest possible variety of options for living, studying and working in China.

We have the easiest and quickest application process.
Using our online application and payment options applicants can provide all of their information and program fees at once, without the need to mail or fax a single document. And once we receive your information we immediately secure your space at the univeristy of your choice, send you the documents needed for your visa application and begin to prepare for your arrival in China.

We have the most fun.
Although we cannot prove that our program participants have the most fun we remain confident in this belief. With our snowboarding trips, paintball event, basketball team, and our Friday Bar and Club Nights, its difficult to imagine participants on other programs having as much fun as we do.

Mission Statement: China Study Abroad is a comprehensive, affordable, service-oriented education consulting company founded on the precepts that the best way to learn Chinese is through immersion in a Chinese environment and that coming to China should be fun and exciting, not difficult. Thus, the company's mission is based on this precept. We offer courses that are flexible and varied to suit all levels of Mandarin language ability. We aim to provide all necessities before and after arrival leaving you to study the language and to explore and have fun with the culture.

Year Founded: 2006

Last Modified2009-01-01
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