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To accommodate diverse goals of our students, iMandarin offers two programs, Standard Mandarin and Academic Mandarin.

Our Standard Mandarin program is designed for students wishing to learn Mandarin for day-to-day life. Every week, we have new group classes starting for different levels weekly.

Our Academic Mandarin program places more emphasis on reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension. This program helps prepare students for the HSK. Students can enroll in the spring or fall semester.

We also have Customized courses designed to meet the special needs of our clients: Preparation For HSK, Chinese Course for Children, Chinese Character Course, Shanghai Dialect and Chinese Culture Courses etc.

Highlights: The Standard Mandarin Course is designed for students who have busy schedule and do not have time for a long time study plan. Started from Chinese phonetic knowledge called "Pinyin", then focused on basic daily conversation such as living, working and traveling in China, the course enables you easily 'survive" in daily life. You can take class level by level according to your specific situation and requirement with purpose of improving your ability of Mandarin gradually. We offer part time (2-3 sessions/week) and intensive group class (4-5 sessions/week), with 2.5 or 3 hours each session.

The Academic Mandarin Course is designed for learners who want to make evident progress in overall Chinese abilities including speaking, listening, reading and writing, in a short period of time. With systematical and interesting contents, students can improve their overall Chinese step by step. More importantly, the materials help students overcome the weakness that they could only speak but unable to recognize characters, which is a crucial point for further learning. Upon completion of this course, students should have a command of about 1,600 new words and 800 Chinese characters, and the ability of conducting daily communication, reading essays, as well as representing their views using complex sentences.

Mission Statement: iMandarin Training is a division of the well-known Shanghai NeWorld Training Group founded in 1997. iMandarin has 6 campuses in Shanghai. All of our schools are decorated with Chinese culture in mind, and provide a comfortable and relaxing learning environment. Our goal at iMandarin is to offer a positive learning environment where clients can improve their language skills that will benefit them both in their daily life and at work. We also recognize that companies and individuals customers alike often have different goals and time schedules. To accommodate these differences we work within the clients' own timetable setting personal long term and short term learning objectives. Many consumers choose iMandarin because of our professionalism, positive attitude, efficiency and high reputation. We aim to please, trying our utmost to meet the needs of our clients. With experienced teaching staff, flexible timetables, convenient locations and comfortable work environments, iMandarin makes learning Mandarin an interesting and valuable experience. iMandarin also provide Chinese cultural activities for our students. Learning language is important, but understanding this diverse and fascinating culture can also be extremely beneficial when trying to communicate with native speakers. Students interested in learning more about Chinese culture are offered many weekly activities, and once a month, a trip to one of Shanghai 's many heritage sites is scheduled. Recommended as a qualified mandarin training school by "Lonely Planet", iMandarin has helped over 5000 expats in Shanghai achieve their learning targets in last three years. By following our interactive and practical teaching methodology, as well as attending our various weekend culture centered activities, students can become better mandarin speakers, and get a taste of real China!

Year Founded: 1997

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