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Language School's NameMandarin Rocks   (P7001007)
School LocationChina :: Shanghai
Teaching Language (1)Chinese, Mandarin

Mandarin Rocks is the leading Chinese language school based in Shanghai building on "Total Solution To Language Barriers". Since 2001, we've been offering high quality Chinese language courses through superior teaching resource combined with the most strict and effective quality control system anywhere in Shanghai. The school is also a member of IPSA Consortium, the well known worldwide organization for only the best internationally recognized language schools and study abroad programs in over 35 countries.

At Mandarin Rocks, students from all over the world meet and exchange experiences. Paying the utmost attention to the students' needs, we have become the first choice for international students and local expatriate community for Chinese language learning. Our motivation comes from our passion to promote Chinese culture and image all over the globe. Quality and passion are never over-rated at Mandarin Rocks.

Mandarin Rocks Chinese Language School in Shanghai occupies three floors of an elegant, classic Shanghai style villa conveniently located in the heart of Shanghai. The modern and well equipped school offers a professional and relaxing atmosphere.The very centrally-located yet elegant and tranquil location offers an ideal environment to study in and to enjoy the city of Shanghai, outside the limits of the usual tourist itineraries.

Mandarin Rocks is a Chinese language school where quality teaching and a wide variety of Chinese courses come together in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, where each student finds a personalized welcome and attention. This warm reception from the teachers and staff helps our students feel at home right from the start and ensures that they receive the assistance needed to make their stay in Shanghai pleasant, safe and interesting.

Mandarin Rocks Corporate Training Division is located on 39th floor of Plaza 66, one of the landmark skyscrapers in shanghai. The large windows in the classrooms offer a fabulous view of the Shanghai skyline and plenty of natural light. Mandarin Rocks Corporate Training Division organizes high quality and practical Chinese language training for Industry and Commerce and provides them with effective training solutions which will equip them to operate successfully in the thriving Chinese market.

Mandarin Rocks has an exciting range of Chinese language courses from absolute beginners to advanced available all year round. The minimum age is 16 (except kids course). The maximum number of students per class is 8 (average 5). Placement test will be given before or on your arrival to place you into the appropriate class. The language courses are in four major categories:
- General Chinese
- Business Chinese
- HSK preparation
- Others (include Spoken, Character, Writing and Kids)
The courses are available in groups, individuals and combination.

Beginner group courses commence on 15 start dates throughout the year while individual courses and non-beginner group courses start every Monday.
The courses are taught by highly qualified teachers in small groups to ensure every student gets full attention from teacher and has ample time for practice. Students can enrich learning experience in a culturally diverse environment since our small class is often joined by students of a mix of nationalities.

Shanghai is a city offering infinite possibilities for enjoying beauty, culture and lifestyle. It's a modern and lively metropolis with a vast range of sights and entertainment to delight its visitors. The mild climate makes it possible to visit and enjoy Shanghai at almost any time of the year. The city offers a broad range of events throughout the year to satisfy the tastes of all age groups. It has numerous museums, temples, galleries, theaters, cinemas and exhibitions. There are frequent concerts of all types of music - opera, classical, jazz, rock, etc. Formula 1 Grand Prix, Tennis Masters Cup, Motor GP and other international sports events are held in Shanghai yearly. These make it possible for you to enjoy the city and its events while learning Chinese.

Mandarin Rocks organizes various cultural activities to fully integrate language learning with culture exploration. Besides the Chinese language courses, the following activities are often offered on a regular basis:
- Guided tours of Shanghai : Art history itinerary; Modern Pudong itinerary, Huangpu River Boat Ride, etc
- Cultural workshops: calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi, Chinese Tea Ceremony, etc
- Chinese acrobatics show
- Weekend excursions: Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, etc
- Sports Events: Formula 1 Grand Prix, Tennis Masters Cup, Motor GP, NBA China game, etc
- Celebration and Special Events: Spring Festival Gatherings, charity events, etc

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