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Resident NameHomestay in China Program   (P6001000)
Residence LocationChina
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Immerse yourself in China through our homestay and internship programs insight. China is dedicated to helping our foreign friends who have a desire to learn more about China, its people, its language and its customs. Through our homestay in China program, we will bring together Chinese families and their friends worldwide in a spirit of sharing and understanding. Our unique internship in China programs will give interested parties an insider look at the business side of China.

What makes our program different? We have been arranging home stays and internships for over 3 years all over Hebei province, Jiangsu province and even Beijing in some cases. We have dealt with applicants from many countries and there is no nationality requirement for our program. All we ask of the participants is to be open-minded and have a reasonable knowledge of English and/or French so that they can communicate with us and the families.

With our program, you are sure to maximize your chances of having a great adventure in China knowing that two reputable organizations as well as the local government agencies are standing behind you all the way.

Our Volunteer Positions are geared to those that want to experience China for a short term visit. Most positions are outside of large cities and have the advantage of seeing the China of old. This is unique in that we provide full services to the volunteers, including but not limited to 24/7 support, in country travel assistance, visa services, as well as a host of other services.

Our Internship program is growing everyday so apply now. We have private companies that are looking to host native English speakers and to give them an opportunity to experience the business side of China. As the world's largest economy grows, it is a wonderful program for the budding entrepreneur or the seasoned business professional. Please contact our representatives to help them design the business experience of a lifetime.

Our High School Program is unique in that we offer the students and their family's two options for their living environment. One is staying with a Chinese Host Family; they will receive all their meals as well as private one-on-one instruction in Chinese. The other we can arrange for dormitory living with other Chinese as well as foreigners on the school grounds. Both programs are strictly supervised by our staff, the participating school, as well as Hebei Province International Education Association.

Highlights: New Times International Educational Service in partnership and supervision with the Hebei Province International Education Association have partnered with each other to provide these unique programs to enrich and open China to the rest of the world.

Our High School program is one that will give students valuable insight into China and its culture. The program highlights include outside excursions to major Chinese archeological sites, language immersion, and a better understanding of the worlds largest population. It is carefully monitored and controlled so that all programs and progress are updated and given to the parents on a weekly basis.

Our Internship program is a unique program that will help the future business leaders gain a better understanding of how the Chinese economy works. We offer internship in leading hotels, multinational companies, world renowned artists, and Chinese cooking. All interns receive a small salary, free or subsidized housing and depending on the job, meals will be provided.

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