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LidEmma   (M002108)
Uitstekend taal (1)Engels [English]
Studeren taal (1)Japans [Japanese]
Studeren taal (2)Chinees, Mandarijn [Chinese, Mandarin]
Studeren taal (3)Nepalees [Nepali]
Uitwisseling locatie (1)Verenigde Staten :: Wisconsin
Laatst bijgewerkt2014-11-20
BeschrijvingI would love to make a new friend. I am 20 years old. I am making plans to travel through Asia in 2015 and will be spending extended time in Nepal, China, and Japan. I would be happy to give English lessons in exchange for learning the basics of another language or simply chatting! I love to be creative, read, watch movies, write, travel, and go backpacking.
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