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MembreEnshuo   (M002399)
Langue d'enseignement (1)Chinois, mandarin [Chinese, Mandarin]
Langue d'enseignement (2)Chinois, Min [Chinese, Min]
Langue d'enseignement (3)Anglais [English]
Lieu d'enseignement (1)Taïwan :: Pingtung County :: Chaojhou Township
Lieu d'enseignement (2)Taïwan :: Pingtung County :: Pingtung City
Mise à jour2016-12-23
DescriptionHi, this is Enshuo.
I'm a native Mandarin Chinese and Hokkien speaker. I've learned English since I was young. I used to work in Ireland for nearly 2 year. Even though I am not a professional English teacher, I could be a good one practicing English with you.
Hope to hear from you soon:)
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